Erika Bulger
UX/UI Designer
Figma Wizard
Interface Savant
Viking Enthusiast
Currently @ Trimble
May 2024 - Now


1st place entry of IBM's Be(e) Innovative Challenge for Equitable Access





#Equitable Access


Hallie Ricci, Ginnae Ayenew, Devonte’ Hawkins, Mitchell Jones, Benjamin Horton


UX Designer & Reseacher


Figma, Illustrator, After Effects, Mural...

Project Description

240+ interns took part in IBM’s 3-day 2022 NA Be(e) Innovative Challenge. Our winning submission for the Category: Equitable Access, CommonLang, is a collaborative website and browser extension that translates programming language documentation. Through this product, we hope to make coding knowledge more accessible to non-native English speakers.

As Designer & Researcher, I led the brainstorming and idea generation for the group. This involved quickly jotting ideas on post-it notes. Then, ideas were refined & aligned on through further discussion.

I also created all the visuals, videos, screens, and UI walkthroughs.

Problem Discovery

The vast majority of the world’s programming language documentation is in English despite most countries having a different native language.

The Problem

For non-English or ESL speaking developers, STEM opportunities are limited due to inability to understand the documentation and code examples.

Other translation tools are flawed, missing:

  • Nuance in the documentation
  • A strong community for feedback on translations
  • Any form of summarization of code examples

Submission Video

UI Walkthroughs

Website Hub

A collaborative website for bilingual volunteers to tune documents or code summarizations. The improved versions of documentations are then incorporated back into the architecture to be displayed for future use - improving translations for both the model and pages.

Key Features of Website:

  • User Profile
  • Forum
  • Translation Leaderboard
  • Syntax Glossary
  • Database of Translated Documentation

Browser Extension

Chrome Extension allows users to translate documentation into their native language.

Additionally, any snippets of code will automatically be summarized in the user's language of choice.

Key Takeaways & Future Considerations

While this hackathon project had a time constraint, if I were to continue developing it further I would:

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